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Who can volunteer

If you love your Nation, if you love Swachh Bharat, if you love your language, if you love Swachh Bhasha, if you love clean vocabulary for future of kids you can make a difference.

Everyone especially youth, professionals, women, artists should stand up against the use of filthy words that are taken as a fun part of the daily life. Maa-Bahen should come-up to stop this MAA-BAHEN

Why should you volunteer?

If you appreciate cleanliness of self, surroundings, thoughts, words and actions.

If you love your nation and respect its languages and dont want them to be corrupted with derogatory words.

If you see our languages as a part of our cultural heritage and want to preserve its richness and quality.

If you care for the vocabulary of our children and want to see them free from abusive behaviour

And above all if you want a #GaaliFreeSociety and ultimately #GaalifreeIndia.

How can you volunteer?


No other media is as effective as digital media; you can volunteer online visiting and join the revolution.

- Pledge for a gaali free India
- Sign the petition to PM Modi
- Drive awareness on social media
- Track and report abusive profiles and content to us


Offline you can directly drive awareness by relating it to Swachh Bharat, asking people to take the challenge, inspiring them to join the community.

If you stand up to your own family, friends, neighbours, community, society not to abuse, surely there will be a change.

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