Gaali Free India


With an estimated 1,282,390,303 people living in India, it is the second largest nation in terms of population. It is equivalent to 17.5% of the total world population. It is believed that over 780 languages are spoken in the country. With an expected literacy rate to touch 80% by end of this year, India is a progressive nation beyond doubt ... But are we really literate in the moral sense?

With such a progressive and trend setting nation … doing so well in all aspects … what has become fashionable nowadays is to use swear/curse words and filthy double entendre words almost in every Indian language across the nation … It’s a cultural shock, a kind of addiction that has plagued the use of language. One in three people, use abusive words in their day to day conversations to the extent that some even greet each other using ‘gaalis’.

Gaali has literally become a ‘gaali’ for one’s sanskriti, customs, traditional, moral and ethical values. And women are made the scapegoats. Always the soft target, they become easy prey to a never-ending volley of abusive words. We keep talking of clean and green surroundings as the need of the hour for a greener tomorrow, how about clean and swachh bhaasha that’s spoken from the heart and mind? Has anyone thought of cleaning their diction first? Gaali Free India is a humble initiative to let people sweep the filth off their language, filter the words carefully, polish it to touch lives of people and set example to the younger generation and help them respect their language and never corrupt it with the use of abusive words. Many are not even aware of how their language has diseased with the muck of gaalis. They speak as if the gaalis are in trend and a way to vent out their frustrations.


Gaali Free India Movement is an attempt to preserve the country’s rich language heritage. It is an attempt to help our children and future generation communicate in a culturally civilized manner and create a better world. One would never want their children to start conversing using ‘gaalis’ not just as grownups but during their growing up years as children themselves… would they? It’s time to check them now! And be really serious! One needs to be responsible enough to ensure that their children grow up respecting their language.

Inspired by our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji, Gaali Free India aims to eradicate swear and abusive words from our vocabulary for a better and progressive India.


Gaali Free India Swachh Bhaasha movement begins right at your home. Research says that children learn abusive words from their parents and elders involuntarily. We need to make a conscious effort to stop using the abusive words in front of children at home and public places in order to create a positive ambience free of gaalis.


Ofcourse you! Who else? Each one of us is the ambassador of Gaali Free India and we will continue the journey till we make our country free from the pollution of gaalis.


Now! Because there is no better time than the present to embark on the path of this revolutionary movement of cleaning up our language and creating a new India that we and our coming generation will be proud of.

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